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Humourisk draws together the talents and skills of under-represented communities and artists to create community powered, theatre, performance and public art. Humourisk also designs applied arts training programmes, aimed at engaging young people and adults who respond to in-formal learning environments, connecting through arts, crafts and trades.


The Humourisk team of artists and community practitioners create a bespoke street-based engagement process for each project, ensuring wide and diverse participation of residents who do not traditionally engage with projects or services.


Humourisk builds safe creative and learning environments, focusing on mutual learning with humour, recognising individuality and commonality, informal and formal knowledge and skills, challenging stigma, always starting where people are at.


5 Principles that informs its work:


1. Peer Support

We create a safe supportive space to empower individual and collective creativity

2. Creative Dialogue

We value the equal exchange of ideas to connect communities to their creativity and inspire our artistic practice  

3. Humour

Our work values the power of humour to reach new audiences and highlight our individuality and commonality

4. Starting where people are at

We recognise the diverse experiences and knowledge of the communities and participants we work with, and the value this brings to our work

5. Creative Risks

We encourage creative and artistic risks to find new ways of seeing, to challenge stigma and inequality

Humourisk Team 

Susie Miller Oduniyi   

Artistic Director/ Shed Life support Lead

/Safeguarding Lead

Tia Martin

Company Director/ Facilitator

/Safeguarding Second-line Lead

Shenelle Thomas                          

Assistant Artistic Director/ Well-being Coach

& Facilitator/Safeguarding Second-line Lead

Nakisma Thomas

Outreach Director/ Horticultural Lead/Facilitator 

Ayodele Oduniyi        

Associate Director /Conflict Management Adviser 

Pam Dumbleton

Associate Director /Resident Representative 


Raeitzer Solitar Farrell

Associate Director /Mental Health Adviser

/Arts Facilitator

Kevin Brooks 

Shed Life Resident Lead  


Jeff Blair                                 

Associate Writer/Recovery Practitioner    


Bayley Cooper

Support Artist /Shed Site Supervisor 


Jersey Baker

Support Artist /Arts and Crafts


Manygot Ghataora

Support Artist /Combined arts


Wasif Bhatti

ShedLife Disability Rights Adviser      



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