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Shed INC

Funded by The Community Chest for Social Prescribing Grants, Barking and Dagenham 

Shed Life Design _edited_edited.jpg
Shed Life Design _edited_edited.jpg

Shed INC will provide a safe, creative, peer support space/ network, for residents living with mental  health conditions and experiencing complex health treatments, waiting for treatment or managing a life changing diagnosis.

Shed Life Design _edited_edited.jpg

We are pleased to have just successfully received funding for Shed INC, a new, creative, peer support workshop for residents who are experiencing a life changing diagnosis, complex health treatments, waiting for treatment or experiencing serious social anxiety.

Funded by The Community Chest for Social Prescribing Grants, aimed at delivering projects designed to address health inequalities, to enable capacity building and support social prescribing activities for the residents across Barking and Dagenham.

Shed INC will be a chance to talk, a creative outlet to share challenges and what helps; a small, safe group that is intuitive, nourishing and creative, challenging feelings of isolation and helping to improve recovery.

 A new Creative Peer Support Group


  • A chance to talk, empowering self-expression and awareness

  • New avenues of communication and local practical and emotional support. Helping each other, exchanging, sharing, mutual benefit

  • Creative outlet to address risk factors/ behaviour/ signs, e.g. smoking, diet, self-care and visualise positive action

  • Befriending and creative social sessions aimed at reducing loneliness and ruminating

  • Lowering risk of depression and rates of recurrence of certain health conditions

  • Sharing challenges helps to contextualise, focus on what participants can control. 


For more information please complete the contact form.  include your telephone number if you would prefer us

to call you.

Shed Life Design _edited_edited.jpg

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Shed Life Design _edited_edited.jpg
Shed Life Design _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Shed INC
Saturday workshops 

​10 x Saturday workshops starting May 2024.


Each week we will explore different themes, exploring our own personal stories to create individual visual action plans:


  • Recognising what we can control and what we can't.

  • How we can manage our own health

  • Recognising our symptoms

  • Putting actions into place whether that is:



  1. Personal responses/ behaviours

  2. Reaching out for peer support

  3. Contacting your health practitioners

Shed Life Design _edited_edited.jpg

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