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               Shed Life Drop-in 2023


Humourisk team of artists, practitioners and resident volunteers create a bespoke street-based engagement process for each project, ensuring wide and diverse participation of residents, breaking down barriers to engaging residents who do not traditionally take part in projects or services.

Intensive street-based engagement........identifying artistic hook....

……initiating conversations……. following leads….building connections…..uncovering stories…..exchanging creative dialogue....... an artistic vision......that resonates with local people..........

'Bring your wheels!', wheel activity workshops at Thames view skatepark  offering one to one and group coaching, building confidence using skates, skateboards, scooters and bikes. Generating a skate-code of sharing, taking turns and respecting each other, the session was led by artists and a skate coach, 2support workers and Shed Life volunteers.

Arts activities incorporated the skatepark surroundings, including sculpture, street art, gardening, and performance/ demonstrations. 

A Humourisk project for young volunteers and children in Barking and Dagenham has recently completed the film 'Creekmouth and the River', funded by Arts Council England, which documents the history of Creekmouth Village a remote village built in 1857 by Lawes Chemical Factory. The Village was located where the River Roding meets the River Thames (Barking Creek), now Creekmouth Open Space. The Village was flooded during the Great Eastern Flood in 1953 and the residents were moved to the newly built Thames View Estate. Local Young Volunteers and children took part in art, film and photography workshops, interviewing past residents of the Village and explored the their local benefits of living by the River.

Catch our film 'Creekmouth and the River' on our Humourisk YouTube channel.

New View Arts Project - Creekmouth & The River 2019 

Creekmouth Heritage Project 2015

Humourisk, public art commission, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The final art work was inspired by local people through an arts-led community engagement process in Thames Ward, Barking. The work was installed in Farr Avenue parade in May 2015.


Platinum Jubilee Street Party & Thames View Women Exhibition June 2022 



Artist-led engagement. Lagos,  Nigeria 2013 'Adire' Hands On INC  2024 

Susie first visited Lagos, Nigeria with filmmaker Fiona Whitty in 2013, invited by Rhoda Youth Centre to work with the young people creating films with local communities, and has been a regular vistor. 


In 2024 Humourisk is developing a new project Hands On INC will engage residents in Barking and Dagenham to take part in the art of 'Adire',  designing & making indigo-dyed cotton cloths, following traditions of the Yoruba people of southwest. 

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